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Went to Picca the other night to see what all the fuss is about. Peruvian meets Japanese ehh? Picca is housed in a small red building on Pico next to Beverly Drive and is the brainchild of star chef Ricardo Zarate; of Mo-Chica, Test Kitchen and Wabi-Sabi. Zarate has quite a varied resume including consulting with Gordan Ramsey on a project in London. Interestingly when the highly regarded Test Kitchen closed, the space transferred to Steve Samson and Zach Pollack who opened well-received Southern Italian Sotto. The upper part of the building is for Zarate and Picca.

Strangely the fusion of the cuisines works nicely. Sushi has, instead of rice, mashed yellow potatoes with subtle spices as the “bed” for the fish.
Maybe the best way to illustrate Picca is with some food porn! It’s basically tapas style and I would recommend ordering 2 of things if you are a 4 table. There’s a sushi bar/counter a bar and a pretty lively mixed crowd. It’s a fun place to have some drinks and some really interesting flavors. Let the Porn begin!

Seco de Pato duck leg confit, black beer sauce, cilantro rice

Papa a la Huancaina Potato, quail egg, pancetta, chives

Empanada beef, chicken, eggplant

Ceviche Crokante Halibut, Leche de Tigre, crispy calamari….yum!

Snow Crab with cucumber, avocado, huancaina sauce

How about some Tres Leches de Tigre? Otherwise known as Sea Urchin Shooters!

Spicy Yellow Tail with green onions, wasabi tobiko

Shrimp pickled cucumbers, yuzu kosho guacomole

Albacore w garlic chip, ceviche sauce


Look at these drinks!

chilcano de anis

Martin Ricky

I really enjoyed Picca. Just go! There’s fun atmosphere, lots of beautiful drinks and really inventive satisfying food.
















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