Faberge Eggs-MarioTestino Style

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Fabergé campaign by Mario Testino for the next generation features Josh Fabergé, a great-great grandson of the Russian royal jeweler Peter Carl Fabergé; his cousin Melanie de Pouqueville, and their friends Nina and Sophia Flohr. The Flohr sisters are also the daughters of Katharina Flohr, who is creative and managing director of the brand. The image shows the models wearing a variety of small, jeweled egg pendants with prices that start at $3,500. It will feature Les Favorites de Fabergé—a collection of fine jewelry egg pendants that introduces a more accessible price point for young customers. The new generation campaign complements Fabergé’s earlier advertising campaign, also shot by Mario Testino.


The new high jewellery collection by Fabergé evoking the rhythms of the Russian seasons. Exploring Peter Carl Fabergé’s world in turn-of-the-century Russia, with its compelling mix of nostalgia and joy, its revelry in Old Russian traditions, cra.


Paying homage to the legendary Imperial Eggs created by Peter Carl Fabergé for the Romanov family, and celebrating the Egg as a timeless universal symbol of life, Fabergé has designed a collection of one-of-a-kind High Jewellery Egg Pendants, Les Fameux de Fabergé, each illustrating a traditional Russian proverb, through complex, multi-layered concepts brought to life by the finest craftsmanship in the world today. Each egg pendant, a wearable object of desire, involves a lengthy, exacting and in many cases pioneering fabrication process, pushing boundaries of both design and manufacture, and taking contemporary craftsmanship to a new level of sophistication.

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